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New Clicker 7 Upgrade
A 40% Discount Offer for Upgrading Clicker 6 to 7 is available until 31st December 2016.
Wordshark and Numbershark USB now shipped with Connectors
East West Online is now supplying Wordshark v5.0 USB  and Numbershark v5.0 USB with a 30cm USB(m) to USB(f) connector as standard.

We have been advocating customers use a short USB connector between the Wordshark and Numbershark flash media programs for some time now. This is because protection of the USB drive itself is enhanced, since it is better to wear out the cable connector and throw that away if the USB cable plug-end becomes damaged. Replacement cables are a lot cheaper than replacing the program device. For your convenience, White Space now ship the original flash drive media with a USB connector. 


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