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Wordshark and Numbershark USB released in Australia
East West Online is now supplying Wordshark v5.0 on USB flash media in Australia.

The USB flash drive edition has distinct advantages over CDROM media in that student records are stored on the USB flash drive rather than on the working PC's hard drive, which increases the portability of the program. The flash memory media is also applicable to netbooks and other devices which do not have CD drives, but generally have USB ports available.

New East West Software

Locutour Multimedia have a brilliant range of 26 software titles which aid remedial literacy training and especially speech therapy. Included are all of the building blocks for successful language and speech development for all age groups.

All new Clicker 6 ANZ  from Cricksoft is a literacy support tool for pupils of all abilities to develop their reading and writing skills by providing on-screen word banks with integrated speech.

Matrix Maker Plus from Inclusive Technology is designed to be the simplest and most affordable software for making communication overlays and education resources.

Memory Quest Flex is a new product from Shiny Learning which combines Memory Games Junior & Senior into the one product for the development of Working (short term) Memory and/or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


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